How to Keep your Devices cleaned

To keep your devices cleaned, follow this simple steps

  1. Purchase alcohol wipes to from any conviniese store or pharmacy.
  2. Do not use your devices in the restrooms.
  3. Try placing your devices on clean surfaces.
  4. Do not use your devices while eating.
  5. Try cleaning your device one or twice daily.

1. Use alcohol wipes.

Believe or not, using alcohol wipes will be very helpful to clean your phone. Steps to clean your phone properly.

  • Remove any case from the device.
  • Use alcohol wipes with 50 to 90 percent of alcohol.
  • Rub the alcohol wipe around the entire device.
  • Try scrubbing with the alcohol wipes all the dirt out of the device.
  • Use a clean piece of cloth to dry the device once done.
  • Repeat the same process with any case and charger that you might have for the device.
  • Very import that you do not let any liquid go inside the phone.

2. Try no using your device in the restrooms. It will help you with the following:

  • It will prevent you from getting bacterias on your device that could later be transferred to your face.
  • Help you focus on the task that you want to achieve in the restroom.
  • Prevent incidents like dropping your device in the toilet or in the sink.

3. Try to place your devices on clean surfaces.

  • If you cannot find a good place to rest your devices. Try using a clean piece of paper under your device to preventing it from touching any uncleaned surfaces.

4. Cleaning your devices multiple times during the day.

  • Sometimes even when we try to keep the device from touching unclean surfaces or taking it to unclean environments. The only thing that will help is to clean the device multiple times during the day. It will help the device look new and will help us appreciate more our devices that cost us a lot of money.

I hope you liked these tips and that you put them in practice. If you have any questions please leave a comment. I will be happy to respond your questions.

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