How to make your computer faster.

Many of us are not wealthy enough to purchase a thousand dollar Computer. Is understandable, but we can make our old computer faster. Laptops and desktops are different. You can upgrade almost anything on a desktop, but a laptop has it’s limitations. In this article, I would like to give you tips that you implement to bring your old computer back to life. Now, before you do any of this things I would like to warm you that if you are not comfortable working with computers, you should ask for help. Do this at your own risk. maybe ask someone for help or pay for someone service.

1- Upgrade your old Hard Drive for an SSD.

A Solid State Drive is a good choice when you have an old computer and you would like to make it faster. An ssd is 10x faster than a regular hard drive and you should feel a significan increase in speed. Remember that when you do that, you will need to the operating system back so make sure you know how to do that. Here are some good options for cheap and reliable SSDs.

2 – Upgrade the RAM(Random Access Memory)

Upgrading the RAM is almost similar to upgrading the SSD. The only difference is that RAM is more complicated to upgrade. In order to upgrade your RAM you need to know the right specs. But once you have the right specs you can upgrade it to as much as your system allows it. Some computers take up to 32gbs others take even more. If you like to know more about RAM, we suggest that you do a little research before spending your money. There are many different types of ram. There are many videos on youtube that will explain you how to buy the correct RAM for your PC and How to install it.

3 – Clean the dust out of your old computer.

Believe it or not, but many old computers slow down because the dust inside makes it harder for the fans to blow clean air. if you clean the dust out you will make the fans work more efficient and also you will make the device appearance better. it will feel and look cleaner and newer then what it was. Below I will list some products that can help you clean your device.

4 – Upgrade your CPU

The CPU (Central Processing Union) is the main part of the PC. If you upgrade the CPU you can make your computer faster. Upgrading the CPU is the hardest upgrade of all but it is well worth it. you will see up to 70% increase in performance, depending the CPU you get of course. I will recommend doing a little research about what is possible to upgrade on your PC. One thing that I would like to mention is that you can upgrade any desktops CPU. But when it comes to laptops, only a very limited amount laptops can have their CPU upgrade. Below is a tool you might use for upgrading your CPU.

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