Ultra Wide vs Wide Monitors

Lets start with Ultra Wide.

I recently obtained an ultra wide monitor. I cannot be happier with my purchase. I have more space to work. I can watch cinematic movies in 21:9 ratios that you can only do with ultra wide monitors. There are many ultra wide monitors out there that you can choose. I would say that the sweet spot is a 34 inch. it is like having 2 21 inch monitors attached to each other. It is like having a cockpit. The 49 inch ultra wide is too wide for me. The price is reasonable. you can find a cheap one for around 400 to 700 hundred, depending on the brand and the features. The monitor that I have is the one 34UM95 from LG. is a pretty good monitor with many ports.

Now, Wide or 16:9 ratio

These are pretty good monitors. Many of the contents that are made on Youtube are 16:9, and also many other platforms use this ratio.

I do not think that having 1 monitor 16:9 could beat having a 21:9 which is the ultra wide. I would recommend everyone getting an ultra wide monitor. you will never regret it. Save some money and buy one. you will never regret it.

One thing that you can do if you do not have the money for an ultra wide, is to purchase two 16:9 monitors which will give you almost the same feeling of the 21:9 monitors but with a vessel in the middle. Also, you might find some cheap ones on Ebay, Amazon and Walmart. Be careful when you buy on Ebay thought, because you might not get a warranty.

Should you buy one an ultra wide monitor? Of course, they look great, they save space on your desk, they make it seem like a big plan cabin, you can never regret it.

Similar Monitors you can buy.

Review of the PS4 in 2020

The PS4 orignal when it first came out cost around $399 and it was a game changer. It was faster then the previous ps3, had more internal storage, more speed, and more graphics. But that was in 2013, now we are in 2020 and the new PS5 is about to come out, something to think about. I bought mine PS4 in 2019, it was very cheap, I bought it second hand. It came with an issue, but I was able to fix the.

The price of the PS4

The original PS4 was price for a reasonable price. The Xbox one was 100 dollars more than the PS4. That made a difference when you have to buy games as well. I was more of a XBOX fan, but that price made me change my perspective about XBOX. Now in 2020 you can buy a PS4 for around 100 dollars used, you can go to sites like Facebook Marketplace, Offerup, Craiglist, Ebay, Amazon, and more. Should you buy one? It depends, the PS3 is still usable to this date. The graphics are not the best, but the games are playable. To remind you, the PS3 was release on 2006. That was 14 years ago. You can image how great is that. it means you will be able to use your PS4 for at least 5 more years.

The PS4 internals in 2020.

What does it means to have a PS4 in 2020. It means that you will be able to play games that looks good. I have to say that even thought the PS4 has a 1080p video quality. It still looks good. I see people always try to look for High graphics settings. But I believe the most important part is enjoying the game. The graphics are important of course. You do not want a port quality on your game, but 1080p is more than enough to enjoy a good quality and also enjoy the game itself. With the PS4, you will find a HDD, which is an alright drive type. But if you place an SSD, you will only find less than 5 seconds in speed increase. The graphics are better on the PS4 pro. It has 4k quality. So it is still a great deal to have a PS4 on 2020. you could say that it is even cheaper to buy a PS4 pro, than a gaming pc and still have same or better gaming quality. Of course a gaming pc can be upgrade over time, but I do not believe you could ever beat that. Plus, if you are on the look out for a BlueRay Player, all the PS4 comes with a player inside.

The New PS5 will be release on the Holidays, should you wait.

The PS5 will have more speed overall. That is what we always strive for. However, somethings will still be the same. For example, the graphics will still be the same. Which mean that in that case, the PS4 pro will have the same output quality of the PS5. However, we do not know exactly the price. it is expected to be 500 dollars or more, due to the specs and the dollar inflation. If you are in the situation where you do not know if you should wait or buy a PS4, here is what you should ask your self.

  • Do you care much about speed? As long as it is not slow?
  • Do you always need to buy all the latest version of everything?
  • Do you play new games every time they come out?
  • Is your monthly income 7 times the price of the PS5?

If you said no to all the questions above, I believe that you will be able to more than fine with the PS4 or PS4 pro.

Buying a used PS4 in 2020

I bought a used PS4 in December of 2019. I got it for a really good price. It cost me $25 dollars. Yeah, I know. it is unbelievable. But it came with an issue. It would over heat in 20 minutes of playtime. I had to open it and clean all the internal components. It was not an easy task, but I did it successfully, and after 5 months, it still runs like new. Below are some pictures of how it looked before cleaning it.

The Process was tedious but not impossible. If after seen this images you are still looking for a used PS4. Online you can find good deals for usable PS4s. Mine was a rare case. People tend to sell working products online. Here I will give you a guide of how you should buy a PS4 if you are trying to get a good deal.

If Buying from online store like Ebay, Offerup, and Amazon.

  • Make sure you check the description of the device. sometimes you will find items that might seen ok, but the seller inside the item’s description says that it might not work, or it might have issues.
  • Read about the seller, check for resent reviews. see if the they have bad reviews under their profile. If they do, how recent are they? did he solved them?
  • Where does the Item comes from, if it comes from out of the same country you are, it is more favorable because it will be faster shipping, and also it will not be stop by US Border Administration. Sometimes, people tend to send products with illigal things inside. That may get you in trouble or have the product destroyed by CBP agents.

If you plan to buy a product from Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace or other face to face selling sites. Follow the below steps.

  • Ask them if they have a receipt of purchase. The last thing you want is to buy a stolen item.
  • Ask if you could test the device, either at public location (Safer) or a home(Risky).
  • Ask why are they selling it, if they cannot explain, it could be because it is stolen, or it is not working properly.
  • Try to take the personal number. so I something happens, you can contact the seller.

If you follow those steps, the chances of getting rip of become very low or even eliminates them. I was scammed many times, but by doing those things. It does not happens to me any more.


If you are have 100 to 150 dollars to spend on a console go ahead and buy it. Now, if you been waiting for the PS5, and you feel like you always want to have the latest games and consoles, wait for the PS5. It will be a good decision as well. What I recommend every one is to see what is their income. Do not go on debt for a console. I know you want it real bad. but I have a quote to leave there that will change the way you look at the for your whole life. “Proverbs 22:7┬áThe rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.”