Best 10 Techs Gifts for Mother’s Day

Here are 10 gifts that you can give to your mother. They will be in a price order, so you can choose cheap ones or expensive ones. A gift is a gift, all that matter is the intentions. Make sure to include some flowers and a note letting your mother know how special she is.

1- Large Lightning or USB C cables chargers.

Having a larger charging cable is very essential. there are times where a charging plug is far, and we need to use the phone while charging. This can help in those situations.

2- Power Bank or Battery Pack

A battery pack can be very helpful. Your mother can take it on her purse and take it ever where and never be without power. It is very important to keeps ours love ones

3- Smart Light Bulbs

This is an amazing gift for older parents that have to deal with walking to turn off lights. I would gibe this to someone that has to daily turn of the lights, and have to walk up or down stairs.

4- Smart Speakers like Echo Dot

This is an amazing device. It can play music, answer simple questions, provide weather updates. and so much. One thing that I like that the Echo Dot is that you can make phone calls, but the Google Home is more smarter in a way.

5- Smart Tiles

Smart Tiles can help you find items like key-chains, wallets, remotes, and more. I love the tiles because they help a lot finding those small items.

6- Gift Cards $25 – $100

This is not a tech device, however, these can help them purchase the device they wish to buy. Apple, Amazon, Bestbuy, or Google Giftcards are really good chooses if you do not know which one to buy. Below are the link to each cards.

7- Smart Earphones

There are many earphones you can buy, I can recommend these two earphones that are very popular.

8- Smart Watches

Smart Watches are pretty good. They keep everyone motivated to run and to exercise. There are so many times where watches helped people from many future heart risk problems.

9- New Computer

Giving your mother a new computer to work can be a nice gesture. A laptop is more portable and a desktop could be a more powerful computer.

10- Nice Gesture

This is not a physical gift, but a nice gesture. If you look at your current computer for your mother, see if it looks clean and organized, if it is not, ask your mother if you could organize it for her. Now days, mothers are