Ultra Wide vs Wide Monitors

Lets start with Ultra Wide.

I recently obtained an ultra wide monitor. I cannot be happier with my purchase. I have more space to work. I can watch cinematic movies in 21:9 ratios that you can only do with ultra wide monitors. There are many ultra wide monitors out there that you can choose. I would say that the sweet spot is a 34 inch. it is like having 2 21 inch monitors attached to each other. It is like having a cockpit. The 49 inch ultra wide is too wide for me. The price is reasonable. you can find a cheap one for around 400 to 700 hundred, depending on the brand and the features. The monitor that I have is the one 34UM95 from LG. is a pretty good monitor with many ports.

Now, Wide or 16:9 ratio

These are pretty good monitors. Many of the contents that are made on Youtube are 16:9, and also many other platforms use this ratio.

I do not think that having 1 monitor 16:9 could beat having a 21:9 which is the ultra wide. I would recommend everyone getting an ultra wide monitor. you will never regret it. Save some money and buy one. you will never regret it.

One thing that you can do if you do not have the money for an ultra wide, is to purchase two 16:9 monitors which will give you almost the same feeling of the 21:9 monitors but with a vessel in the middle. Also, you might find some cheap ones on Ebay, Amazon and Walmart. Be careful when you buy on Ebay thought, because you might not get a warranty.

Should you buy one an ultra wide monitor? Of course, they look great, they save space on your desk, they make it seem like a big plan cabin, you can never regret it.

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